World needs to be clear on what terrorism is?

World needs to be clear on what terrorism is?

The absence of unanimity among us about the dilemma of terrorism dents those very principles which are the basis for the creation of the UN.

Che Guevara was an cross-border terrorist. He was a doctor who’s idolised by millions of people around the world today as a radical. Back in 1959, Che came to India in the age of 31 and met and dined with Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru in his own home at Delhi. He composed two functions that are regarded as classics, one known as The Bolivian Diary as well as the other known as The Motorcycle Diaries (that was made into a award-winning movie in 2004).

However, Che’s fame came from his desire to use violent means to achieve his intentions.

Che was Argentinian but moved on Cuba to fight in Fidel Castro’s civil war against the government of Batista. He then went to Bolivia to fight a guerrilla warfare against the authorities of Barrientos. Here, according to his own writing, Che and his men ambushed and killed a number of soldiers. Che Guevara was captured and executed by the Army in October 1967, aged 39.

George Orwell was a cross-border terrorist. He was a police officer who was born in Motihari in Bihar. After government support he wrote a succession of novels that made him one of the most influential authors in history. His functions comprise 1984 and Animal Farm. The latter publication was quoted admiringly from Atal Behari Vajpayee’s government through the Kargil War, as it talked about Pakistan using”Orwellian logic”. Most modern authors become insignificant with time but Orwell is one of the couple to be admired and emulated decades later.

But Orwell had no problem with applying violence. He was a British citizen but he went into Spain in 1937 and participate in their civil war against General Franco. Orwell wrote a novel about his adventures, known as Homage to Catalonia, in which he says he murdered a guy by bombing him and that he was shot through the throat.

Allow me to now turn to why I’ve created these references.

The biggest number of supreme sacrifices made by soldiers of every nation for UN Peacekeeping assignments is from India. We belong to a country that’s given the world not only war, but Buddha’s message of peace.

And that is why our voice from terrorism, to alert the world around this evil, rings together with severity and outrage. We think this is one of the biggest challenges, not for any single country, however, for the whole world and humanity.

The lack of unanimity amongst us on the dilemma of terrorism dents those very principles that are the foundation for the invention of the UN. And that is why, for the interest of humankind, I firmly believe it is absolutely crucial that the entire world unites against terrorism, and that the world stands as one against terrorism.”

Even the Prime Minister is correct: there’s not any unanimity on the planet on the dilemma of terrorism. The issue is why. The solution is there is no acceptable definition of what terrorism is and that a terrorist is.
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White House understood of whistleblower’s allegations soon after Trump’s telephone with Ukraine leader.

White House understood of whistleblower’s allegations soon after Trump’s telephone with Ukraine leader.

White House learned that a CIA officer had lodged allegations from President Donald Trump’s dealings with Ukraine as the officer of whistleblower complaint was going through a procedure intended to safeguard him from reprisals, individuals knowledgeable about the matter said Thursday.

The officer shared information about possible abuse of power and a White House cover-up together with the CIA’s top lawyer through an anonymous procedure, a few of the people said.

Around the same period, the officer also separately filed the whistleblower complaint.

The revelations deliver new insight about the way the officer’s allegations moved through the bureaucracy of government. The Trump administration’s handling of the accusations is sure to be inspected, especially by lawmakers weighing the impeachment of the president.

Lawyers to the whistleblower refused to confirm he worked for the CIA and stated that publishing information about him was reckless.

Neither the White House nor the National Security Council, its foreign policy arm, also responded to requests for comment.

A spokeswoman for the acting director of national intelligence, Joseph Maguire, said protecting the whistleblower has been his office’s greatest priority. ‘We must protect those who demonstrate the courage to report alleged wrongdoing, if on the battlefield or in the workplace,’ Maguire said in a hearing on Thursday, adding he didn’t understand the whistleblower’s identity.

Dean Baquet, the executive editor of The New York Times, said The Times was appropriate to release details about the whistleblower. ‘The president and some of his supporters have attacked the credibility of the whistle-blower, that has presented information that has touched off a milestone impeachment proceeding,’ Baquet said. ‘The president has called the whistle-blower’s accounts a’political hack job”

Baquet added,’We chose to publish restricted information concerning the whistleblower — including the fact that he works for a nonpolitical agency and his criticism is based on an intimate knowledge and comprehension of the White House — because we wanted to provide advice to readers that enables them to make their own conclusions about whether or not he is credible. We also understand that the White House knew he was also a CIA officer’

Throughout his time at the White House, the whistleblower became profoundly saddened concerning the way he believed Trump was widely trying to pressure the Ukrainian authorities to conduct investigations which may benefit him politically. ‘Namely, he sought to pressure that the Ukrainian leader to take action to assist the president’s 2020 reelection bid,’ explained the criticism, which was released Thursday.

During a July 25 telephone, Trump requested President Volodymyr Zelenskiy of Ukraine to explore the allegations of corruption from former Vice President Joe Biden and his younger child and other things that the president watched as potentially valuable to him according to a rebuilt transcript published by the White House on Wednesday.

His complaint suggested he had been an analyst by training and made clear that he had been steeped in particulars of U.S. foreign policy toward Europe, demonstrating a sophisticated comprehension of Ukrainian politics and also at least some knowledge of law.

The whistleblower’s experience will most likely add to lawmakers’ optimism regarding the virtues of his complaint, and tamp down allegations that he might have misunderstood what he learned about Trump. He did not listen right into the July call, but some White House coworkers told him that they were concerned they’d witnessed’the president abuse his office for personal gain,’ according to the complaint.
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US to Imran Khan.

US to Imran Khan

It indicated one of the most strident speeches on the situation in Hong Kong since massive anti-govt protests broke out three weeks ago.

Wasington: In a snub to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, a leading US official on Friday questioned why Khan was not talking out about China, which has arrested an estimated one million Uighurs as well as other Turkic-speaking Muslims.

Amid raised tensions between India and Pakistan after New Delhi scrapped Article 370 of the Constitution, which grants special status to Jammu and Kashmir, Alice Wells, US Acting Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asia said Khan’s comments on Kashmir were not unhelpful.

A lowering of rhetoric would be welcome, especially between two nuclear powers.”

She questioned why Khan was not also talking out about China, that has arrested an estimated one thousand Uighurs and other Turkic-speaking Muslims.

“…I would like to see the same amount of concern expressed also about Muslims who are being arrested in Western China, literally in concentration-like problems. And so being concerned about the human rights of Muslims does extend more widely than Kashmir, and you have seen the administration very involved here throughout the UN General Assembly and attempting to shine some light on the horrific conditions that remain to exist for Muslims during China,” she said.

China is a significant diplomatic and financial partner of Pakistan.

Khan, asked about the Uighurs in a think tank on Monday, declined comment, saying that Pakistan had a”unique relationship” with China and would only raise issues privately.

Rights groups and witnesses say that China has been attempting to stop Muslim customs and incorporate Uighurs into the majority Han population. China says it is providing vocational instruction and discouraging extremism.

US sought to use the yearly United Nations summit to develop international pressure on China over the treatment of the Uighurs.

The conference was held at the sidelines of the General Assembly to garner support”to demand and induce an immediate end to China’s dreadful campaign of repression,” John Sullivan, the US’s second-highest diplomat, stated.

We cannot be the sole guardians of the truth nor the sole members of the international community to predict out China and demand that they cease,” Sullivan added.

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump also fired a few shots across the bow of this fellow Security Council member, moving beyond his ordinary strikes against China on global trade.

The world fully anticipates that the Chinese government will honor its own binding treaty… (and) protect Hong Kong’s freedom and legal procedure and democratic methods of existence,” Trump told the General Assembly.

“How China selects to deal with the situation will say a whole lot about its function in the world and the foreseeable future,” that the Republican tycoon inserted during his third look at the diplomatic discussion at New York.

It indicated one of his most strident speeches on the situation in Hong Kong since gigantic anti-government protests broke out there three weeks ago.
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United Nations: Islamophobia has increased at an alarming pace after the 9/11 strikes and is producing branches, together with the wearing of hijab becoming a”weapon” from the neighborhood in a few nations, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said here on Friday.

United Nations: Islamophobia has increased at an alarming pace after the 9/11 strikes and is producing branches, together with the wearing of hijab becoming a”weapon” from the neighborhood in a few nations, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said here on Friday.

Khan, now on a week-long visit into the United States, delivered his inaugural address to the United Nations General Assembly and touched upon several issues, including climate change, money laundering and Islamophobia.

Khan said countless Muslims were still living as minorities from the western nations and because 9/11 attacks Islamophobia had grown at an”alarming” rate.

Islamophobia is creating branches, hijab has grown a weapon; a girl may take off clothing but she can’t put on more clothing. It started after 9/11 and it started because certain western leaders equated Islam with terrorism,” he said.

Khan questioned the use of the word”revolutionary Islamic terrorism”, stating there is only one Islam.

“There is no such thing as radical Islam,” he said, pointing out that most religions have people carrying out radical acts. The basis of all religions is justice and compassion, which distinguishes us from the animal kingdom,” he explained.

Khan informed the UN that there should be an understanding for some other faiths, but they are viewed as producing divisions among global population.

Khan explained the radical Islamic terrorism used by leaders has caused Islamophobia and pain for Muslims. “What message does so (the word ) send? He asked.

“In Western countries it is marginalising Muslims, and this contributes to radicalisation. A few of the terrorists had been from marginalised Muslim communities. We Muslim leaders haven’t addressed this situation. The Muslim leaders all became moderates and our government coined a phrase’enlightened moderation’,” he said.

Khan’s comments came a day after he declared that Pakistan, Turkey and Malaysia have resolved to collectively establish a English language Islamic television station to correct misperceptions and confront the challenges posed by Islamophobia.

“Misperceptions which bring people together against Muslims would be corrected; issue of blasphemy will be properly contextualized; series and films would be generated on Muslim history to educate/inform our own people and the world; Muslims will be awarded a dedicated media existence,” he said.
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PM Modi Pays Rich Tribute to Soldiers of Surgical Strike on His Arrival from US.

PM Modi Pays Rich Tribute to Soldiers of Surgical Strike on His Arrival from US.

And soon after the birth, he also paid rich tributes to soldiers of the Army who had completed surgical attack three years back on terrorist camps in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

Tribute to soldiers

Highlighting these soldiers’ contribution, PM Modi stated the men of the Indian Army had showcased the country’s honor, dignity and pride into the world by taking out the strikes in 2016.

‘Now is September 28. Three decades past, I haven’t slept for a moment.

I stayed awake and waited to when I’ll find a call. Three decades back, the brave soldiers of the nation carried out surgical attack showcasing India’s honor, pride and dignity with more energy to the world,’ PM Modi was quoted as saying from ANI.

While conversing his party associates, he explained,’Remembering that night, I salute the courage of the courageous soldiers greet them.’

To give reply in a befitting way, India on September 29 ran operative strike across Line of Control from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and destroyed a range of terrorist launching pads and killed several terrorists.

Problems of terrorism

The Prime Minister’s statement comes a day later he emphasized the issues of terrorism in his address at the UNGA in New York where he’d stated that terrorism isn’t a challenge for any 1 nation, but for many nations.

Attitude of gratitude

As thousands of people at the airport celebrated his homecoming with slogans and banners, PM Modi waved hand and thanked the 1.3 billion citizens of India to the massive success of his international trip.

‘I wish to thank you for coming in massive amounts. This was a memorable welcome back house. On this occasion, I bow to each and every single Indian,’ he explained.

He said after assuming office at 2014he had gone to the UN and he went again this moment, but in these five decades, he said he’s seen have seen a large shift. ‘The admiration for India, the enthusiasm towards India has improved significantly. This is a result of the 130 crore Indians,’ he added.

Howdy, Modi’ event

Speaking about his renowned’Howdy, Modi‘ event in Houston, PM Modi stated the programme in Houston, #HowdyModi was grand. ‘The arrival of President Donald Trump has been special. Besides this, what stands out is the way the Indian neighborhood in the USA, in Texas and in Houston showcased their existence,’ he explained.

Grand welcome

PM Modi was obtained at the Palam Airport by BJP Working President JP Nadda and Delhi BJP main Manoj Tiwari along with a number of MPs and senior party leaders.

After addressing the assembly, PM Modi maintained a roadshow onto a two-km extend from Palam Technical area to Thimayya Road. While taking a stroll, Prime Minister waved in the people and approached them.

Before his arrival, an elaborate security arrangement was made in the airport area. Wearing colourful clothes, folks raised slogans’Har Har Modi, Ghar Ghar Modi’ and danced when the Prime Minister arrived at the airport. Dressed up in traditional attire, a few individuals also sang songs as the PM came at the Palam airport.

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No trade deal, no Kashmir win, no investment however BJP observing Modi yield from Us.

No trade deal, no Kashmir win, no investment however BJP observing Modi yield from Us.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Saturday returned home to a rousing welcome by BJP party workers and supporters despite not having procured the much-touted commerce deal with the United States. .

Prime Minister Modi scored apparent nil in the most contentious problem of trade throughout his weeklong visit to America.

Trade has undoubtedly become an unavoidable stumbling block at the connection, even as both sides are still fight out trade disputes in the World Trade Organization (WTO).

While it’s a fact the Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal continues to brainstorm together with US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer in Washington DC, a so-called’limited’ trade deal remains as elusive as it had been before Modi’s visit.

No trade deal,
Whenever the Modi government came back into power for the next time with a landslide victory earlier this season, the US was clearly not amused. The US was not possible to do so since before the elections. This is an unprecedented act on US’ role because since the GSP programme started in 1974, it was never removed from India.

It is true that previous US administrations, particularly the Barack Obama government, didn’t revoke it, but in fact , it never walked the conversation far to India’s relief.

New Delhi’s public posturing has always been that the GSP, or tariff-free entry to US markets for Indian goods, is not actually needed as India is not an underdeveloped state anymore.
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New tri services specific ops branch, meant for surgical strikes, concludes 1st exercise today.

New tri services specific ops branch, meant for surgical strikes, concludes 1st exercise today.

New Delhi : The newly-raised special operations division of the armed forces – comprising commandos by the special forces of the Army, Marine Commando component of the Navy and Garud of this Air Force – concluded its first week-long exercise Saturday at Gujarat.

The practice, highly placed sources in the security establishment said, was to test the drills and capacities of their brand new division and pinpoint the barriers confronted with it, so that they can be worked .

Setup in May this year, the tri agencies Armed Forces Special Operations Division has been aimed at sharpening the army’s operational capabilities in traditional warfare and anti-terror operations. The division is intended for lethal surgical strikes and cross border operations.

The committee had recommended setting up three commands – Special Operations, Cyber and Space – to strengthen India’s national security by addressing emerging challenges. The concept of this branch is also affected from the US, which has the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC).

Meant for egregious strikes’ The new divisionwill be effective at carrying out crippling strikes against enemy targets miles away, even inside enemy territory.

He is from the elite 1 Para Special Forces Regiment. It’s predicted to be the first choice of the government for undertaking any major counter-terrorism functioning both within and beyond the nation. Even though the Army has a strength of around 6,000 unique forces employees, both Navy and the IAF have around 1,000 each.

A step towards integration

The creation of the branch has been hailed as the first step towards the integration of the three services, together with the specific commandos of the three solutions being brought together under a common command and control structure. The article of CDS announced by PM Modi in his Independence Day address this year, is set to integrate the three services.

The division was to originally have 150-200 personnel however, the amounts will be raised to have a 2,000-strong commando tri-service division. The figures in the Army will be over the other two providers, according to reports.

A source in the security establishment had informed ThePrint that the special operations division will be critical in carrying out cross border operations and surgical strikes.

“With highly skilled commandos from all 3 divisions who would work closely together with one another, the branch will be the initial choice of the government for sensitive critical operations, such as the ones targeting terror infrastructure around boundaries in a brief period of time,” the source stated.
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