The clinical precision with which the conclusion was arrived at would have pained many a metropolitan history buff.

The clinical precision with which the conclusion was arrived at would have pained many a metropolitan history buff.

This has been decided upon after the constructed members agreed that the culture should not be wound up but be moved to an alternative address. Saturday’s meeting was held to arrive at a conclusion after an emergency meeting was called on August 20 by the BLHS Secretary Dr Joan Dias to talk about the future of the society.

City chroniclers, all members of BLHS, like Sidharth Bhatia, Rajan Jayakar, Deepak Rao, Meher Marfatia and Sameera Khan, have been present in the assembly.

Space and finance constraints and how the society was not registered were a number of the reasons which were shared with all the members to the school being not able to adapt BLHS. Since only 13 of the 250 members had been present in the meeting afterward, a decision on its continuation or closing would not be able to be made.

At the meeting, the minutes of the preceding meeting were shared by Dr Dias using the group of 25 members. With a series of hands, a majority voted in favour the BLHS should not be allowed to end up but operate from another assumption, which it needs to be registered as a society under the Societies Registration Act.

Solicitor Rajan Jayakar agreed to move the operations to his home and to help ensure that BLHS becomes a society. A couple senior members questioned the office bearers within the decision to transfer the society shaped by a Jesuit out of a Jesuit-run instructional establishment. In reply, chairperson Jeanette Pinto reported that since it wasn’t a registered society and also new commercial teams conducted events and walks, surgeries had become difficult.

The present office bearers resigned from their respective roles and a brand new working committee was selected that included Jayakar (secretary), Bhatia, Anita Rane Kothare (president), Aadil Desai (treasurer), Deepak Rao along with Sameera Khan (secretary) among many others. This committee will meet on October 5 in Jayakar’s residence to discuss the way ahead, beginning with the process of enrolling the society. “This will possibly be the last time that we’re walking from these corridors as members of the BLHS.” Clearly, the end of an era.

In 1925, Fr Henry Heras-after that St Xavier’s College’s (SXC) Heras Institute of Indian History and Culture is named-founded the Bombay Historical Society. Taking this legacy of learning urban background a step forward Fr (Dr) John Correia-Afonso renamed it the Bombay Local History Society (BLHS) in 1978 in light of a seminar named Bombay: The Gateway into India.

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