World needs to be clear on what terrorism is?

World needs to be clear on what terrorism is?

The absence of unanimity among us about the dilemma of terrorism dents those very principles which are the basis for the creation of the UN.

Che Guevara was an cross-border terrorist. He was a doctor who’s idolised by millions of people around the world today as a radical. Back in 1959, Che came to India in the age of 31 and met and dined with Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru in his own home at Delhi. He composed two functions that are regarded as classics, one known as The Bolivian Diary as well as the other known as The Motorcycle Diaries (that was made into a award-winning movie in 2004).

However, Che’s fame came from his desire to use violent means to achieve his intentions.

Che was Argentinian but moved on Cuba to fight in Fidel Castro’s civil war against the government of Batista. He then went to Bolivia to fight a guerrilla warfare against the authorities of Barrientos. Here, according to his own writing, Che and his men ambushed and killed a number of soldiers. Che Guevara was captured and executed by the Army in October 1967, aged 39.

George Orwell was a cross-border terrorist. He was a police officer who was born in Motihari in Bihar. After government support he wrote a succession of novels that made him one of the most influential authors in history. His functions comprise 1984 and Animal Farm. The latter publication was quoted admiringly from Atal Behari Vajpayee’s government through the Kargil War, as it talked about Pakistan using”Orwellian logic”. Most modern authors become insignificant with time but Orwell is one of the couple to be admired and emulated decades later.

But Orwell had no problem with applying violence. He was a British citizen but he went into Spain in 1937 and participate in their civil war against General Franco. Orwell wrote a novel about his adventures, known as Homage to Catalonia, in which he says he murdered a guy by bombing him and that he was shot through the throat.

Allow me to now turn to why I’ve created these references.

The biggest number of supreme sacrifices made by soldiers of every nation for UN Peacekeeping assignments is from India. We belong to a country that’s given the world not only war, but Buddha’s message of peace.

And that is why our voice from terrorism, to alert the world around this evil, rings together with severity and outrage. We think this is one of the biggest challenges, not for any single country, however, for the whole world and humanity.

The lack of unanimity amongst us on the dilemma of terrorism dents those very principles that are the foundation for the invention of the UN. And that is why, for the interest of humankind, I firmly believe it is absolutely crucial that the entire world unites against terrorism, and that the world stands as one against terrorism.”

Even the Prime Minister is correct: there’s not any unanimity on the planet on the dilemma of terrorism. The issue is why. The solution is there is no acceptable definition of what terrorism is and that a terrorist is.

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