We Are in Need of builders to Construct brand new India, HDFC eager to contribute to govt’s Rs 20k crore realty finance, claims Deepak Parekh

We Are in Need of builders to Construct brand new India, HDFC eager to contribute to govt’s Rs 20k crore realty finance, claims Deepak Parekh

Building a strong case for supporting programmers to help them come from catastrophe, distinguished banker Deepak Parekh said the authorities incentives have aided the cheap housing sector gain traction but homebuyers now definitely want’right programmers, right price, right dimensions and appropriate financier’.

Parekh, chairman of home finance major HDFC Ltd, said the administration’s planned Rs 20,000 crore fund will help the realty sector in a large way to receive their impending jobs completed and his organization is very keen to contribute to the fund.

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Asked whether he would also like to combine the board to help manage this fund as a reputed industry voice, Parekh, however, said it was too early to comment on this.

‘This fund, in which the authorities will place in Rs 10,000 crore and a comparable amount will probably arrive in from public and private sector associations, is a path-breaking move. ‘The government has been doing its best at supporting this business and we must get over the past sins of purchasing land at high rates and construction luxury flats. There is a limit the amount of luxury flats can be sold,’ Parekh told PTI in an interview. In addition, he explained the perception about the entire sector witnessing a slump has been incorrect as phenomenal sales were occurring in the economical and mid-market segment.

The fund is controlled by HDFC Capital Advisors Ltd, which is led by Vipul Roongta and is a 100 percent subsidiary of HDFC Ltd..

Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) has spent 82 percent, 9 per cent is NIIF and 9 per cent by HDFC within this fund. He said the magical wand supporting success of those projects is that most of these programmers are respected ones along with also the pricing and unit size has been spot on.

‘Where the requirement transformation has happened, is that the customer profile has moved towards end customers, because there’s not any appreciation and the rental yields on housing have come down,”’ Parekh stated. ‘Fiscal incentives come for cheap housing, which are extremely beneficial. We feel more projects should be launched in this segment because the need is insatiable.

‘What’s essential in real estate which not a lot of individuals have adopted is, you have to have the correct developer, which will be individuals with good standing and those who have delivered previously. ‘You then will need to have proper sized components and appropriate price,’ he explained. Parekh stated all 8-9 projects launched by H-Care have performed and you will find far more in the pipeline, with most of these by reputed programmers.

‘This month itself, we launched a project by Signature Global in Gurgaon on September 13. We launched 680 units and in just a week 30 percent were sold. Price was 4,000 percent feet and the starting price of the unit was Rs 20 lakh. That’s the point where the market is. There’s absolutely no purpose in building expensive components,’ he said.

Even in Mumbai, programmers need to make smaller components and they’ll market, Parekh added. Roongta stated the lower margins in affordable housing are paid by tax incentives and greater volumes. He said state governments are providing land at great places and reasonable prices for affordable housing and jobs connected into the Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme.

‘Ten years back, affordable housing was far away from towns, but now it is at acceptable suburb places and even within cities. A blend of monetary incentives and effective implementation of policies at state government level is creating a huge shift,’ he said.

‘We’re seeing people ready to purchase right projects, in reduced to mid-income segments,’ he explained. Parekh said,’Some folks are crying there is no demand, but we are seeing there’s need.’ In addition, he said the government fund will help great programmers finish their impending jobs, which are non-NPA along with non-NCLT.

Lakhs of homebuyers have been yet to get delivery of the units as hundreds of jobs across the country are delayed due to liquidity crunch and need slowdown. Oftentimes, the projects are declared NPAs or so are under insolvency proceedings.

Parekh said,’Additionally, there are many developers who may be intending to default and so they can find the help ‘ ‘The problem if the NPA jobs are comprised would be that in most instances of NPAs, the developers aren’t straight forward and just how do a governmentsponsored finance can fund those projects. ‘You will find a few fraudulent or jagged ones and how do you distinguish between positive and negative ones? ‘But what I want to stress is that India needs developers to make home, offices, malls and all, who you need to support them and keep their hands,’ he explained.

Together with RERA and so on, currently there’s some sort of rethinking, after that which we saw over-exuberance previously of purchasing property at whatever cost… people bought property at exorbitant costs previously. ‘There are some programmers who are genuine and that have been under pressure because of insufficient earnings, or they purchased a lot of land in one go and are currently getting hurt.

‘The trust factor is really low among prospective homebuyers now. But in case a Tata, Mahindra, Godrej or even a Shapoorji or some DLF etc includes a project, they usually market. Even our jobs are getting sold since they are with reputed programmers. They’re also telling the prospective buyers who HDFC has given funds and taken the equity,”’ he explained.

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